1. 'Systemic Observations’

    Natercia Caneira

    PV 17th July : 7 to 9 pm

    Exhibition runs 18th to 24th July


    Systemic observations presents a site specific sculpture  crafted from  yarn  echoing intrinsic qualities of the space in which is shown ,  and a series of drawings and paintings resulting from closer observation of cellular morphogenetic processes.

     The sculpture displayed is made from the complex agglomeration of  fibers ,  becoming  a registry of the artist movements whilst the work is being developed . 

    Following the logic of systemic parts, each individual element on show  is simultaneously  affecting the whole outlook of the installation.


  2. 'Rizomas'

    Silvina Soria & Sabrina Ellmann

    Exploring ideas of rooting, mapping and connections, Silvina Soria and Sabrina Ellmann use sculpture , drawing and performance as vehicles of their latest artistic  dialogue and collaboration.

    PV 20th June : 7.00pm to 9.00pm

    with performance by Sabrina Ellmann

    Exhibition runs from 21st June till 5th July , by appointment only : 
    - weekdays : 07901965603
    - weekends : 07958629441



  3. Girls Own Fiction - Mare Tralla, Donna Riddington and P.R.

    PV Thursday 15th May , 7 to 9pm

    Exhibition runs 16th to 31st May

    Thursday to Sunday : 12.00pm to 6pm

  4. Upcoming show!


  5. popUP & popOFF

    private view Saturday, 3 May 2014, 3-5pm.

    flutter_ Grange Walk Studios, Mabel Goodwin House, 49 Grange Walk, 
    level 4, London SE1 3DY
    Ortelius Drew presents new work made on site, over two days at flutter_.

    " We are thrilled to attempt large drawings, inspired by the transitory space, its history and views, neighbourhood and context: an urban area, Bermondsey, which is changing so quickly, so sadly. flutter_ is a temporary, makeshift gallery, which awaits redevelopment into private flats later this year." 

    Come join us for cocktails, Saturday 3 May 3-5pm. Doreen will be in London. We look forward to seeing you!

    flutter _ is an independent project space in Bermondsey that promotes collaboration as a means to support artistic exchange between local artists, communities and creatives. flutter_ is run by Teresa Paiva.

    Ortelius Drew is a collaborative, mobile, and performative drawing project led by artists Doreen Wittenbols (Amsterdam) and IlgaLeimanis (London). Taking the city as their principle subject matter, they focus on public settings of leisure (gardens and parks), sites of temporary architecture as well as public museum collections.


  6. PV Friday 4th April - 19.00 to 21.00

    Exhibition runs 5th April - 20th April

    Thursday to Sunday

    1pm - 6pm

    Aaron Tan and Sara Nunes Fernandes present a collaborative show of new works at flutter_ .

    This space is temporary and awaits redevelopment later in the year, when it will be turned into private flats and replicate the adjacent newly built block. With a view to this helpless regeneration, the makeshift gallery becomes a host site where competing narratives can dwell in and be animated from.

    Aaron and Sara present works that seek to convolute habitual experience through the reworking of the handmade, and constellate ley lines of earth bound objects.


  7. Perfect Crimes - Teresa Paiva & Geoff Routh


    "…Luckily the objects that appear to us have always already disappeared. Happily , nothing appears to us in real time, any more than the stars in the night sky. If the speed of light were infinite, all the stars in the universe would be here at once — in real time — and the vault of the sky would be of an unbearable incandescence. No more night — perpetual day. Happily nothing takes place in real time, otherwise we would be subjected, through information, to the light of all events, and the present would be of an unbearable incandescence. Happily we live in the mode of a vital illusion, in the mode of an absence, of an irreality, a non-immediacy of things. Happily all things, the world and others, come to us definitively altered. Happily nothing is instantaneous, nor simultaneous, nor contemporaneous. Happily reality doesn’t take place. Thankfully the crime is never perfect.”

    ‘ Perfect Crimes’ , the inaugural exhibition of flutter_ , presents the collaborative work of two artists experimenting with different mediums : one with assemblage /sculpture, the other with printmaking, translated through a series of installations , where both practices seem to merge.

    Departing from the concept of art as the perfect crime, as described by Braudillard ( with no criminal, no victim or motive ) , both artists delve in the representation of textural incidents , accidents and paradoxes between natural & man made forms and materials. 
    Each ‘’combine’’ is achieved by juxtapositions and layering , both formally and conceptually. 
    To reveal and to conceal , is here used as a strategy to bring apparently disparate parts , into one possible ‘cohesive’ whole. The resulting work emanates the ambiguity of clues, their openness to multiple interpretations, thus embracing the creative potential of fragments, residues and traces as activators of ‘other’ artistic languages and meanings.

    Paiva’s sculptures reference the structural qualities of unfinished architectural forms , somewhat echoing the former use of the physical space itself (Grange Walk Studios were formerly the Southwark Social Services, currently also in line for further housing developments ) . There is a hint of human presence in Paiva’s work and an intemporality (a time without time) , reflected both on the choice of scale and materials employed. 

    Geoff’s prints , belong to a series inspired by geographical references ( maps, shorelines, floorscapes, etc) brought together through the combination of lithography and woodcut , exploring the intrinsic qualities of these techniques and materials on a varied range of hand made Japanese papers. 

    Rather than a symbiosis , this collaboration aims to instil a revitalization on each artist individual work, by exchange and perme(di)ation. The pieces on show, when ‘disassembled’, ultimately retain their own individuality.

    The resulting exhibition is a non-linear narrative of hypothetical ‘ perfect crimes‘ , unfolding a sequence of fictitious territories and frozen incidents , where both artists practices are brought together either by contrast or similarity. 

  8. Flutter_ launch , 4th October 2013 

    Exhibition view